shoulder pain treatment

shoulder pain

The importance of shoulder in our body is all familiar. Because on the shoulders we do many types of daily work.

Therefore, the strength of the shoulder and its health should be taken care of.

Whenever you have a problem in the shoulder, there is an obstruction in moving the shoulder to the shoulder.

In the shoulder pain, you may have many problems in life, besides pain and restlessness.

The threshold of moving and walking of the shoulder is determined by the rotator cuff.

shoulder pain

The rotator cuff is made up of four tendons. Tendon They are fibrous tissues, which connect bones to muscles.

If the rounder cuff has been damaged around or swelling has occurred, the arms may feel pain or difficulty in lifting the head upwards.

As the age increases, the likelihood of pain in the shoulders increases.

Especially, over 60 years of age, this problem becomes common, as the tissues surrounding the shoulder collapse or become worse with age.

Let’s understand the treatment of some pain in the shoulder so that it can be relieved.

1. Wear Compression

We see people worried about shoulder pain often wearing compression. Compression work is to put pressure on the area of pain.

This helps to remove swelling. By building a compression you also feel comfortable.

Also, place pillows near your shoulder and keep your affected shoulder on it, it will help you to get it soon.

2. Cold compressor

Cold compresses are also very effective in removing shoulder pain. Indeed, cold temperatures help numb the area, so that swelling and pain both disappear.

shoulder pain

shoulder pain treatment

3. Hot compresses

The same hot compressure treats shoulder pain as mentioned above on cold compresses.

By using it you can feel relief in swelling and pain. Use it using hot compression after 48 hours of starting the pain.

4. Rock Salt

Rock salt is made of magnesium sulfate which helps in relieving shoulder pain.

This improves blood circulation and relaxes the shoulder muscles. It removes body fatigue.

5. Use Turmeric

Turmeric has very good home remedies for relief from pain. Turmeric is present in curcumin, which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to remove pain and swelling.

6. Massage

The message we use for our comfort. We also use it to remove shoulder pain.

Lightweight massage helps you to tone down your shoulder muscles and tension.

Apart from this, it also works to improve blood circulation. For massages, olive, coconut, sesame or Carson oil can be used.

shoulder pain treatment

7. Apple vinegar

When it comes to treating shoulder pain, other effective household ingredients are apple vinegar.

It also contains anti-inflammatory and eliciting properties which help in relieving pain and swelling.

8. From Alfalfa

Alfalfa is also a natural remedy for many herbs, which is extremely beneficial for pain and swelling.

It cures the blood circulation of the whole body, with the help of swelling less.

shoulder pain

9. Use of ginger

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in ginger, it is very useful in dealing with shoulder pain.

Along with this, it improves blood circulation, which helps in the treatment of pain faster. You can also get rid of pain due to its use.

10. Use of lavender oil

We often use lavender oil in shoulder pain. This is the most effective oil essential for tired muscles. By using it, you remove both pain and swelling.

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shoulder pain treatment 

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