Kajal Nahi Kalank hai Piya

Kajal Nahi Kalank hai Piya

Bollywood Desk Karan Johar’s film blurry teaser has been released. This teaser of the film is 2 minutes.

The video has seen an atmosphere of 1945, in which the story revolves around 6 characters.

Kajal Nahi Kalank hai Piya

This is a story based on love story, in which many twists can be found in teaser only. The stigma will be released on April 17.

What is special in the teaser: The teaser starts with the shadow of Madhuri, in which she looks dancing.

Then one character comes out after another. After a few seconds Varun Dhawan is shown fighting the bull.

Hanuman ji’s idol also appears in a scene of teaser. In the last scene, Alia and Varun meet Ravan’s statue.

Here are some twists: according to the scenes shown in teaser, many twists can be seen in the story. Aditya Roy Kapoor is married to Aditya Roy, who first married Ali, while she loves Varun.

In one scene Sonakshi, Aditya Roy has come up with that, that is, she can be the love interest of Aditya Roy Kapoor.

In another scene, Alia can be seen dancing like Madhuri, that is, she has to do this work under compulsion, according to the story.

A scene is based on riots. In which Aditya Roy Kapoor and Varun Dhawan appear to kill others to kill themselves.

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There is also a scene of Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri, which suggests that Sanjay will have extra marital affair in Madhuri.

Only heard dialogue: Only two dialogs were heard in a two-minute teaser.

First, in the voice of Varuna- some relationships are like debt, they have to not be paid.

And in the voice of another Alia – When someone else’s waste looks like their victory, then we are ruined more than us and no one in this world.

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Kajal Nahi Kalank hai Piya

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