Gotta Go Chungha Lyrics

Gotta Go Chungha Lyrics English

청하 (Chung Ha) – 벌써 12시 Lyrics
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 2019-01-02
Language: Korean

gotta go chungha lyrics

Yeah I like it
네가 말을 놓는 것도
Like it 너의 작은 말투도
나쁘지 않은걸
Boy you know know know know

Like the way 말없이 손을 잡고
Like the way 조금은 놀래도
싫지가 않은걸
You know boy boy boy boy

물감처럼 파랗던
하늘은 벌써 까맣고
감정은 더 깊어져 yeah
I gotta tell you this

우리 둘만 느껴지는 이상한 느낌
나도 너무 좋아
but it’s too late

아쉬워 벌써 12시
어떡해 벌써 12시네
보내주기 싫은걸
알고 있어 how you feel it

음악에 맞춰 사랑을 속삭이고 싶어
솔직히 우리 둘 맘이 같은 걸
Gotta go gotta go 12시

같은 생각인 걸 알고 있는데
더 이상은 솔직할 수 없는 걸
Gotta go gotta go 12시

어쩜 우린 닮은 것도 많아
취향 취미 먹을 때도 말야
You’re reading my heart
좀 더 일찍 알았다면
어땠을까 생각하게 돼 yeah

별들은 더 빛나고
시간은 점점 지나고
감성은 더 짙어져 yeah
I gotta tell you this

너에게만 느껴지는 포근한 느낌
나도 너무 좋아
but it’s too late

아쉬워 벌써 12시
어떡해 벌써 12시네
보내주기 싫은 걸
알고 있어 how you feel it

음악에 맞춰 사랑을 속삭이고 싶어
솔직히 우리 둘 맘이 같은 걸
Gotta go gotta go 12시

같은 생각인 걸 알고 있는데
더 이상은 솔직할 수 없는 걸
Gotta go gotta go 12시

구석에 맘 한구석에
조그만 끈
붙잡고 있는 걸
Baby don’t wanna be alone

늦으면 더 늦어지면
어쩌면 다 놓아버릴지 몰라
I’m really trying to make you see

아쉬워 벌써 12시
어떡해 벌써 12시네
보내주기 싫은걸알고 있어
how you feel it
Gotta go gotta go 12시

Gotta Go Download Chungha lyrics English

April 21st is nearing — that means former I.O.I member Chung Ha will meet Singapore fans for the first time.

Titled, 2019 Chung Ha Fan Meeting in Singapore, the singer is all excited to have a great time with her adoring fans.

The talented singer has been preparing a variety of performances and games to get closer to her fans.

Furthermore, the singer is all ready to serenade her Singapore fans with her solo tracks that topped the charts and gave her numerous music show wins.

Additionally, she’ll showcase her proven prowess as a K-Pop soloist with her unique brand of tropical dance tracks.

The talented singer gears up for an explosive stage with her beloved supporters.

Notably, fans fondly remember her because of her stint in the first season of Produce 101.

Consequently, Chung Ha has gone on to an impressive K-Pop success as a solo artist.

To further hype up Byulharangs for an explosive time ahead, we’ve put together a list of tracks that will surely get you dancing to her beats and artistry.


The song “Roller Coaster” is an upbeat and dance-triggering song.

Byulharangs can definitely relate to this song as it compares the ups and downs of relationships to riding a roller coaster.

The rush of falling in love can definitely be likened to riding the exciting theme park ride.

This is the lead single of Chung Ha’s second EP, “Offset”.

The fast beats and Chung Ha’s delightful vocals certainly cheer fans up.

Why Don’t You Know Download

This song is the lead track of Chung Ha’s debut EP, “Hands on Me”.

It has a tropical house vibe and features the rapper Nucksal.

As of January 2019, her MV for “Why Don’t You Know” surpassed 20 million views on YouTube.

Chung Ha sings about unrequited love, hence the lyrics “I just wanna be your girl, why don’t you know?”

The MV featured a lot of outdoor scenes, which further enhanced the beauty of the MV.

Love You Download

This song is the lead single of Chung Ha’s third mini album “Blooming Blue”. 

The bright and cheery melodies of the song make it a perfect song to perk up your day.

The MV is unique since it features much of Chung Ha reflecting about the boy she loves.

Aside from her energetic dance moves, her goddess-like beauty is highlighted as she relaxes in her bedroom or lazes around the pool.

벌써 12시 (GOTTA GO)

Chung Ha won her very first music program trophy on MBC Music’s Show Champion with her latest song, “Gotta Go”. 

Her image in this single veers away from her usual wholesome bubblegum music as she takes on a more mature and sensual vibe.

Noticeably, the singer’s appearance also takes on a certain maturity. Exchanging her usual pink lipstick for a more sultry red shade.

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