Ed Sheeran I don’t care

ed Sheeran I don’t care

Two seismic stars, a super-creator and a chorus who only leaves your head after surgery … The ubiquitous is sure to have this strange infectious smash.

ed Sheeran I don't care

You only have to see the chart to see what critics think about a song or album before making a purchase.

But some songs make a critic feel more useless than others. So it is properly titled I don’t care, a track which should be obviously a nost-on, a completely indispensable smash about which seems to be next to the point of expressing an opinion.

This is a collaboration between a singer-songwriter who has earned more money than any other artist last year, which has ever earned in 12 months –

Ed Sheeran’s 94-Gig World Tour has been brought in $ 432m – And a pop star who has transferred more than 150 million albums and at the age of 25, many times saved from being a victim of a low scam.

ed Sheeran I don’t care – Justin Bieber

In addition, in the partnership the police will call the form. Justin Beber cast off Sheeran, which is called Rubbish Yourself in Love Yourself, which is the best-selling US single of 2016.

After its success, a major part of the Cold Water collaboration with Major Laser, which went on to number 1 in 18 countries, despite that Sheeran claimed to forget it.

Their combined star power is such that I was not taking one hour of untiring care, punishing the noise affected by the symphony of Morizio Bianchi for genocide, it would probably sit on a single chart for the rest of eternity.

But success is more than double the fact that it is the work of Ed Sheeran, who is his most popular pop-up.

ed Sheeran I don’t care

For emphasis on the distance between his and his earnings, which has sprung up in front of him, it leaves the guitar and loop pedal, the producer calls in Max Martin – if you want a huge hit There is no bad idea and deals like Shearan’s Shape of You, like the obscure dance-influenced rhythm and twinkle electronics.

It also shows the habit of Shearan for an impenetrable hook. If you were not keen on your wildly excursions in the Irish people, Galway Girl, it was actually a matter of insanity that the descending chord stayed in your brain and refused to go.

It’s the same with I do not care, a better song but one that is a sweet stickiness: A bizarre infectious chorus comes in 42 seconds, and after that, there is no way to get it out of your head without intercourse Sounds Surgery

Sheeran toured the social anxiety discussed in the interview lightly, although it is difficult to assimilate the feeling that he can not warrant the line-by-line examination and he has tolerated the Evening Standard.

Special attention was paid to a song, “You know I love you – did I ever tell you?” Which, with the best wishes in the world, is rarely a matter of fusion complexity, which demands many times to be delicate. Potential meaning

But this is not a mistake of the song: It establishes itself as a piece of bulletproof mainstream pop, not in response to the 2019 Said-Eyed Lady of the Laws.

And as a piece of bulletproof mainstream pop, a kind of victory lap around the chart, it completely completes its shortcomings.

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