What did people do for contraceptive

What did people do for contraceptive

There was a widespread social change from the contraceptive pill. Everyone makes this change and can not deny it.

American berth control activist Margaret Sanger urged the scientists to make this shot.

Sanger’s dream was that women would get social and sexual freedom so that they could match men.

Contraceptive pillar not only resulted in social revolution but also significant economic changes in the twentieth century.

Being pregnant in a careless sex was a big problem. To stop this, Lovers has been adopting different ways for centuries.

Crocodile stools

Precious women of ancient Egypt used crocodile stool to prevent pregnancy.

Women used to use crocodile stool as penicillin (in vagina, to infections or to prevent pregnancy).

According to 1850 BC documents, this method was used as contraceptive.

Crocodile stool is slightly alkaline like modern spermicide, so it is likely to work.

Squeezed half lemon

In many cultures, half of the squeezed lemon was used as spermicide. The mention of this experiment is related to the berth control in the memoir of Casanova.

Half of the lemon sliced ​​in the condom made of the sheep’s bladder was used temporarily as a cervical cap.

The citric acid of lemon acts as spermicide, but it was not for those who did not take any restraint. Lemon is still used in many places.

Now the world has overtaken these complex methods. One way to avoid pregnancy is also condom, but people do not use it properly. Many times it bursts or slips.

According to a study, every 100 women actively involved in sexual intercourse who adopted condoms to avoid pregnancy, 18 of them became pregnant.

In this case the contraceptive pills are much safer. Its failure rate is 6% compared to the condom. It is three times more secure than the condom.

Due to the contraceptive pill women have confidence. Taking a contraceptive pill is a personal decision. Many times your sex partner does not even know.

America was the first country in the world to allow the use of contraceptive pill in 1960.

Within just five years, nearly half married women started taking pills in the form of contraception.

What did people do for contraceptive

What did people do for contraceptive

But the real revolution came when single women started using it. However, he had to wait a lot for this.

In the mid-1970s, this tablet became very popular in the United States to prevent pregnancy among 18 to 19 year old women, and after that the economic revolution started.

In the USA, 1970, the degree of law, medicine, dentistry and MBA was more favorable for men. Due to this pill, women have strong entry in these areas.

Earlier, the presence of women in this kind of education was 20 percent, then 25 percent, and since 1980, the number of women graduates in these courses increased to one-third.

It was not just because the girls were going to college. Women started to pick these professions.

The presence of women in medical studies increased dramatically. In other areas, the presence of women continued to increase.

What did people do for contraceptive

Due to a contraceptive pill, women have the power to control reproduction.

Because of this, he invested the crucial time of her life in her career. When the mother is about to become a woman, this decision is going to make her self now.

By at least 30 years of age, the tendency of not being a mother in women increased. Earlier, due to a child, women did not have time to do their careers.

Now in the case of sexual relations, the constraints of pregnancy have ended in becoming a doctor, a dentist or a lawyer for active women.

Of course, people can avoid sexual relationships for careers, but many people do not want to do this. It was all for fun, but it was also a search for a spouse.

Before the contraceptive pill, the people got married at a young age.

When a woman was saved from an effective relationship before 30 years, she had to face difficulties in looking for her husband because contemporary people of that woman had got married.

But the contraceptive pill changed the entire dimension. Now a single woman can have sex without fear of pregnancy.

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This also changed the pattern of marriage. People stopped marrying at an early age.

Obviously there is a change in the USA in the 1970s and for many reasons. Abortion was legalized and laws were also made regarding gender discrimination.

The movement of feminism also started at the same time. When youngsters from the United States were being sent to war in Vietnam, the companies opened the door to give jobs to women.

What did people do for contraceptive

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