Avonlea Stranger

Avonlea Stranger

Song Title: Stranger
Artist: Avonlea
Released: 2019
Genre: Pop

I can get real fucked up
By myself in my own Hell
Watch as I chuck and chug
Impurities, insecurities

I wake up in a room filled with smoke
Smells like you
Yeah, you took my storybooks
In your stride

It wasn’t always this plain
To see my baggage
Your love was savage
So I open a new way

Into his bedroom
I guess he’s not you
I wake up in a room
With someone, I don’t love

Morning burns
In the light of day
Truth can hide

Stranger, take me home
It’s strange being on my own, oh no
Strange, hold me close
Stranger, I feel so alone

Called you up yesterday
Intoxicated, old memories fading
Oh, you’re in Hawaii
I was supposed to be there with you

I was up in a state
You’re not in
What the fuck?

I’ll call him
While my lonely heart
Can not cry no, no

Stranger, take me home
It’s strange being on my own, oh no
Strange, hold me close
Stranger, I feel so alone

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Avonlea Stranger

Emerging artist Avonlea, who has previously earned acclaim from Billboard, L’Officiel USA, and Nylon for her buoyant melodies and raw lyrics, is back with an introspective and electrifying track, “Stranger.”

Both the song and the accompanying video describe, with uncanny accuracy, the somberness and freedom that result from the end of a relationship.

“The inspiration for the song was my first serious breakup,” said Avonlea.

“He was my best friend, my everything. But we were both changing and shifting, so we made the joint decision to end the relationship.”

Restless and desperate for a creative outlet, Avonlea picked up a bass and played a few notes that would later turn in to “Stranger.”

“A couple of nights later, I was just losing my mind. I usually write songs on piano or guitar, but I was like ‘I need to try something new!’”

Songwriting is an intimate process for Avonlea, and “Stranger” was an especially sensitive project.

“Songwriting is the way I express myself. It’s sort of like my diary,” she detailed. “‘Stranger’ is so honest.

It’s a confessional of how I was feeling post-breakup, and how I was going to get myself back out there.

It’s my emotional thought process turned into a song.”

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